Trends in the field of web development that will change the entire ecosystem

23 Dec 2017 / Website Design & Development
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Technology has been changing rapidly, and changes in the web development sphere isn’t any surprise either. There was a time when augmented reality was the game changer, the Internet of Things was widely talked about and it is still making a huge dent in all fields. Blockchain is the buzzword these days especially with the advent of cryptocurrencies, even the technically challenged are curious about it. Infoquest’s website developers in Dubai have a wide array of skills and are abreast of the latest technologies in this field

Here are some of the things we think will affect our future more than we think in the field of web development:

The advent of bots:

The major part of having a website is to ensure that people have an online address to check us out. The next step in the sales funnel would be to get the customer’s details using email or chat strategy. Bots is the game-changer in this as the conversation is not linear. Developers need to evolve their understanding of human interaction and find appropriate style to deliver a Chatbot experience that users love. Infoquest has worked on chatbots and has increased the conversion rates of many of its clients, thanks to its name as a strong Website Developer in Dubai.

AI’s influence on web development:

In the coming months, the impact of AI on web development and other spheres of technology is going to be extremely evident. In fact, Google has started using AI with respect to its search engine as well making it inevitable for web developers to work with that in mind. AI makes a lot of web development easy by eliminating a lot of frills.

Mobile security will be sacred:

One of the primary methods in which users reach the website is through mobile thanks to latest development in the proliferation of mobile internet. With such a rise, it is easy for mobile phones to face attacks of different types and hackers can get much more data when they hack a person’s phone as it can contain bank details and other transactions which are highly vulnerable. If you lose your customer’s data to hackers, you will eventually lose your company’s reputation and it would be difficult to come out of it as a winner. Infoquest’s Data Security team makes sure that during the designing of the website, there are no stones unturned when it comes to protecting customer’s information. That is why the best web developers in Dubai want to work with Infoquest as it enhances their reputation as well.

Wearable apps:

It is forecasted that in 2020, more than 170 million units of wearable wrist-wear devices are to be shipped, more than any other category in the wearable section. Remember, this number is just for wrist-wear wearables. Researchers say that wearable device drive a lot of connection for the brand with the users. Soon, web developers will need to build apps for wearables along with working on technology for the wearable hardware.

Personalized user experiences:

Web Development is going towards the trend where apps and websites have to give a personalized experience to every user coming on their platform based on their preferences, geography and other demographical factors. Capturing the data of the users using intuitive technologies is something that needs to be learnt by developers as well. Imagine providing a landing page for each user based on what they were looking for in their previous visit?

The article deals with innovative trends that will shape the future of web development in the coming months and years. Looking at these trends, we can understand how things will shape in the future and how inter-connected we all will be, with technology and with each other as well. Remember, there can be newer things that take shape faster than these technologies mentioned. To work with the best web developers in Dubai, go to our ‘Contact’ section and leave a message.

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