These are some of the common mobile app development myths that you see

27 Jul 2019 / Mobile Apps
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There is a lot of interest in mobile app development these days because people have opened up to buying everything using their mobile starting from groceries to more expensive stuff and therefore it is a smart move to have a presence on a mobile app as well. All businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of making apps for themselves. If you are looking for a company that does Mobile App development in Dubai, Infoquest might be the best choice for you. We want to help you because there are a lot of myths when it comes to mobile app development and we want you to be clear.

Myth 1: Entire steps should be discussed in advance:

During the app development process, you do not have to discuss the entire thing as it might change as and when you get new ideas. There will be gaps in the thinking of the client too as even they are developing the product for the first time, so it is natural for the deliverables to be changing. The mobile app development company will have created an extra buffer time to tackle all of this. Infoquest has some of the finest app developers in Dubai and we would be able to help you with your app development needs.

Myth 2: Thinking that size of the app is proportional to development time:

Equating the physical size of the mobile application to the development speed and cost is not only unwise to do, but it is based on wrong assumptions. There are business owners who think that mobile apps that take less time to download are easier to make, this is so far from the truth that this thought process is almost funny. There are apps that consume hundreds of man-hours to build and therefore the developmental costs goes high as well. Even a single feature might take a lot of time to develop. If you are looking for mobile app development in Dubai, get on a free discovery call with Infoquest to understand your expectations better.

Myth 3: Misconceptions regarding milestones

There are a lot of people who think that apps can be developed in a matter of few days. Some are confusing it with how a blog works, but that is not always the case. Mobile app development takes a lot of time to develop because there are loads of standardization and features that one must keep in mind. Security is also an important aspect. There is a lot of back and forth between the vendor and the app development company because the requirements fluctuate. Just to gather the requirements, there is a lot of time spent. Creating wireframes would be the next step and this also consumes a lot of time.

Myth 4: More the features, the better it is:

Thinking of your mobile app for enterprises as an enterprise application in itself is a big mistake to make. There is no need to add as many features as you want as stuffing the app with features will only make it cluttered and its functionality might get reduced. Your aim should be to give the best possible features for your audience and that they get the maximum value from it. Enterprise users only care about functionality, they don’t care if the app does not have a lot of graphics or not. The aesthetics of the app is something that is not in their radar at all. If it is a business application that you are building, concentrate on making the interface as simple as possible with a clear definition of purpose and the intention of the user visiting the app is clearly defined.

Myth 5: It is all about writing code:

You cannot build a mobile application only with the help of a developer, there are more things and people to it. There are other things that are important during mobile app development like collecting requirements, creating wireframes, caring about user functionality, graphics and much more. All of these works require the efforts of well-trained and experienced professionals who can work on different platforms. To bring all the stakeholders of the project on the same page together is in itself a big task, that is why app development is not only about writing code. With all that said, when the time comes for you to look for a mobile app developer in Dubai, Infoquest will be able to help you during the entire stage.

There are many other common myths that in app development which you will see when you work with different businesses. All of them have different schools of thought, which is the reason why these myths have taken precedence. If you work around all these myths, you will be able to achieve on getting some of the best output when it comes to your app development needs.

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