Mobile apps are the future of businesses. Here is why

07 Feb 2018 / Mobile Apps
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

There are more than a billion smartphones in the world and there are millions of smartphones added every year which means the market for mobile apps will only increase. An intelligent mobile strategy is not only about creating apps for your business, but you should also be able to hold a vision for the future. Mobile apps are going to be the in-thing and it is advisable not to miss out on the action. For mobile app development in Dubai, search for the depth of services that Infoquest provides.

Benefits of using mobile apps for businesses:

Helps you understand your customers and their needs:

When a customer uses your mobile app, you can see which tab they go to, what actions they take, what are the searches they do and understand different kinds of demographics as well. This is important information for you to understand by tracking their behavior. You cannot track the behavior with a website as much as with your mobile app.

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Ability to personalize:

The future is going to be all about personalized services and products that people are going to expect. A website cannot give your customer a personal experience, but a mobile app can do it. Customers will feel that their needs are being respected and they will not be hesitant to spend more on you. When you do not give a cookie cutter solution to your customers but a solution tailor made to them, it is easy for customers to choose you over your competitors. Find app developers in Dubai who have the bandwidth and experience to personalize it for your mobile app.

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Better user experience:

We cannot stress enough about the importance of giving your users a good experience on your mobile app or anywhere for that matter. When you create a mobile app for your users, there is much more control on your side over what functionality can be allowed and what not. Even users themselves can customize their experience on the site. Also, a mobile app requires less bandwidth than when using a website on a browser.

Easy access to retail stores:

Mobile applications are a bridge between brands and customers. A retailer can show discounts, offers and deals based on the various demographic factors of the customer without having to do anything extra. Big data has allowed applications to show user preferences. The extras that are offered on the apps can be used to engage the customer even more and thus build a loyal user base.

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Encourages social sharing:

The mobile ecommerce applications that you find these days allow you to share your purchases and favorite your products while sharing with your friends on all social media platforms. It is good for businesses as your user’s friends are also exposed to your products. Conversations on social media these days help shape buying decision and the social media share can add a lot of value to brands.

The ability to use built-in features of a smartphone:

Companies offer custom application development for each device which means easy access is given to all the in-built features that a device has like calendar, Google docs, camera, NFC, GPS, etc. If the smartphone has advanced features, even those can be used in tandem with the mobile app. A customer can use the camera to take pictures of the brand’s products, share it on your app. Use the GPS to send you location-based discounts. Use the microphone to give voice commands instead of typing things out. All of this is possible because mobile applications can be fully integrated with smartphone’s features. For app developers in Dubai who know how to make it happen in your mobile application too, contact Infoquest.

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Embracing mobile applications is the wise thing to do as almost everyone who has a mobile phone uses the Internet as well and that is where they shop from. They are going to drive all the business numbers for you and there is no doubt about that. This is what the future holds. Mobile app development in Dubai is provided by Infoquest, get on a call with them to discuss your requirements.

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