How can your business benefit from Social Media Marketing?

11 Jan 2018 / Social Media Marketing
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Most Marketers will agree that Social Media platforms have changed the way companies are marketing themselves. In some cases, you can do it with little to no cost as the platform is entirely free. Social Media Marketing can give you immense benefits especially since most of your customers would be lurking around on at least one platform. If you are looking for a Social Media Agency in Dubai, do check out some of the previous work done by Infoquest.

Let us see some of the benefits that Social Media Marketing gives to businesses:

Gives you inbound traffic:

The people who access your site without any Marketing are those who know such a business exists, mostly your friends and family. Or people who search for you using your brand name and then reach your website. When you use Social Media marketing, you can find leads who are outside this circle of yours. They could be coming from any part of the world, this is the kind of reach that Social Media has. Every content that goes into your website can be used to promote in your social media to bring in more leads.

For top-class Social Media services, get in touch with companies that Digital Marketing in Dubai.

Give voice to your brand:

Whenever you put out something on any of your social media handles, you showcase the kind of company that you are. It can either make you look like a company that people want to be associated with or something they would rather avoid. It is important you see the tone in which you interact with your customers, if all goes well, you can also stand out among your peers. For a Social Media Agency in Dubai that knows about increasing their client’s branding and communication, please do talk to any of our Branding and SMM experts.

Build relationships:

You can’t keep talking about your company’s services on each post, people will slowly start unfollowing you and your reputation is tarnished forever making it difficult to get a good name again. Social-media is not a one-way street where you keep updating about what you do without any interaction from your clients. But it is a tool for you to create relationship with customers during every stage of the sales cycle.

Opportunity to convert:

When you build a following of people who like your content, you will see that they will slowly accept you as a brand they like. This is how it becomes easy to convert these customers, the best way to create a following is from Social Media. The more you interact with them, the easier it becomes to convert a customer into a paying one.

Facebook ads is one of the most popular ways for marketers to connect with customers. If you are active on Facebook and have a good strategy in engaging with the customers there, you build credibility and over time they would be more than willing to pay for your services. When you are looking for Facebook marketing services in Dubai, make sure you look at the work done by Infoquest as well.

Learn from your competitors:

If you look at the kind of campaigns that your competitors are doing, you can learn a lot from them. There are tools to monitor your competitors. You can create search streams using the popular tool Hootsuite which monitors industry keywords and you can also observe every time someone mentions your competitor’s names and products. Using this information about your competitors, you can create strategy based on the results they have got.

For Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Medium and Facebook Marketing in Dubai, Infoquest has experienced people to work on them. While you may be investing in Social Media services, do not forget to get your SEO services in Dubai from a company that has proved its mettle many times over.

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