How can SEO increase conversion rates for ecommerce businesses?

27 Aug 2019 / Search Engine Optimization
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Getting your Ecommerce website ranked on top of Google search results is important and there are no doubts about that. When you are starting out, users don’t go directly to your website unless yours is a famous name like Alibaba or Amazon. This is why you need to employ the SEO tips and tricks that we are going to tell you in this article. For ecommerce website development in Dubai, get on a free discovery call with Infoquest to get a solution.

Here is what you should do to improve the conversion rate of your Ecommerce business:

Keyword Research:

You need to optimize the most important pages of your website and you should identify them based on parameters like search volume, ranking difficulty and relevancy. Use Google’s free AdWords Keyword Tool and go for keywords that have a high exact match search volume but is also highly relevant to the products that your ecommerce website sells. Don’t choose broad or highly competitive keywords.

Research about your competitor’s keywords:

Create a list of keywords that your competitors use to move ahead with their SEO strategy. Does your competitor have higher DA (Domain Authority) and higher PA (Page Authority) than you? If yes, it might be smart to search for other keywords as it will be difficult to compete with them. If you want to check the DA or PA of any website, you can use the free Moz toolbar. Also, use a tool like Open Site Explorer to see all the places your competitors get inbound links from. If you want all of this to get done by a professional company that does Ecommerce website development in Dubai, Infoquest can bridge the technological gap.

Audit your website for errors:

To find any website errors, you can use Screaming Frog which will give you an overview of data including errors, redirects, duplicate pages, missing tags and more. Some of the things that you need to immediately work on are: updating content that have duplicate pages, meta titles and meta descriptions, Changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects. This will increase your SEO and conversion rate as errors that would leave a visitor hanging are taken care of now. If your site takes a lot of time to load, you can safely assume that they have left your website to get information from somewhere else. Use a tool like Pingdom to test your website speed. If you want a Digital Marketing company in Dubai to assist you further, please do know that Infoquest has a dedicated DM team to take care of its client needs.

Integration with Social Media:

Ecommerce sites will not thrive without social media, it is imperative that you are connected extensively with it. Social media helps you to engage with your customers, lets them share about your products to friends and gives you an opportunity to engage with them. When a lot of people talk about your brand online, it gives more credibility to your brand as well. For a Digital Marketing company in Dubai that will draft you a separate Social Media plan, talk to the folks at Infoquest.

Link Building:

While creating good content is really important for your ecommerce website, you also need to work on getting quality inbound links. If the referral traffic that you get is from low quality websites, Google will only penalize you. Spend time on getting links from high quality resources by providing insights, guest post or an infographic. Get as many Press mentions as possible. Establish good relationships with reputable bloggers so that they would be more than happy to give you a link.


All you need to do is follow the above steps to increase the conversion rate for your Ecommerce website. Make sure that your website is easy to find, has a lot of value to give to people who visit it. Do not make mistakes that Google will penalize you for. SEO improves onsite conversion by nature. At the end of the day, please do remember this: your website needs to cater to every visitor and they need to be fed with something that will interest them and the conversion will obviously happen.

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