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Headquartered in Dubai is an ecommerce website which enables to consumers to purchase products from the Internet. It offers an opportunity for traders to sell their wares online. Our client aims to be the market leader in the Middle East region in ecommerce solutions in this burgeoning industry. It also offers an opportunity for traders to sell their wares online.

Our team of technology experts has offered various ideas to our client during the process of the creation of this website which has helped in the look of the website as well as adding to its value. The portal we designed offers customers different products to choose from and the unique selling proposition of this website which we created is that it also offers sellers, an opportunity to showcase their wares which is a unique option not offered by most other ecommerce firms making our site different from most other websites.

We recommended them an idea where any vendor could advertise their products for a particular period of time for a pay giving the advertiser exclusivity and also customers throughout the world. It makes an ordinary vendor reach a global audience and also thereby promoting our client's mission of improving the quality of life of the Middle Eastern communities.

We have integrated various payment methods, shipping methods and payment security options in this site. We are proud that our expertise helped in making come true with striking features and excellent design. It's a given that has become a roaring success!

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xcart ecommerce portal designing

It is mainly based in Dubai and the ecommerce website is embedded with different functionalities which gives consumers a wide range of choice to buy their favorite products.

online shopping portal development in xcart

All the products are aesthetically categorized and presented in a pleasing manner for the customers to take a look before they click the "Buy Now" option to enjoy Shopping Shrine's services.

xcart online shopping development

The huge repositories of products which are displayed are presented in a pleasing manner and navigation of the products is also very simple making the website a pleasure to use and buy products from.

xcart online shopping portal development

A detailed description of the product and reviews from previous customers' options included which gives the user assurance of the product as well as the company before purchase.

xcart ecommerce website development has integrated various security features; the portal is integrated with various shipping companies and diverse payment methods including COD options.