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Social Network App Development

Social networking sites offer lot of features which
can be leveraged to a company's benefit

Social Marketing Platform provides scalable solutions for brand marketing across social networks. Social Networking Application Development provides agencies, brands, and entertainment company's measurable marketing results across Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, and the iPhone.

Social networking applications cover a range of software systems that allow the users to interact and share data. These include forums, blogs, photo and video sharing, and many others. The traditional face-to-face meeting is passé. Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn,Orkut and MySpace are some of the popular platforms.

Services we provide

  • Customized Social Networking Development
  • Community Site Development
  • Social Networking Web Development
  • Social Networking Web Design
  • Social Networking Game Development

Social networking sites offer lot of features which can be leveraged to a company's benefit, while doing so many companies face technical issues, here it is where Infoquest's social network application development services can be used. Having specialized in Social Network application development our developers have learnt the hard way how their platform expertise can be clubbed with application development for social networking sites. Their hard earned expertise thus promises the desired results.

Offers in social networking application development

  • Discussion Forums.
  • Customizable Users Homepages / Personal Profiles.
  • User Registration / Administration.
  • Activity Reporting.
  • Blogging / Scraping.
  • Newsletters.
  • Presence Awareness (who's online lists).
  • File/Audio/Video Sharing.
  • Content Management (CMS).

Our specialization also includes customization, as with any other software we can easily customize social media applications to match with the latest demands and we can do it for any platform be it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes.

At, we follow a streamline process for the ultimate development of social networking application that ensures high productivity. We got huge experience and exposure in creating various social media websites like social media CMS application, application framework, custom add-on features keeping the target audience as friends networking, school/college networking, business networking, music/video networking communities.

We offer high-end social networking application that helps you create a buzz across the globe. Are you ready to go viral using the new social media platform? Contact us today and discuss your social networking website development project.

Technology Expertise

Case Studies

  • Shopping Shrine is a place which promotes the souq based way of trading in the digital world along with giving an opportunity for ordinary vendors to showcase their products making them foray their skill to the online world and improve their standards.
  • Doodle Click
    Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world presently. The concept behind doodleclick differs from any other ecommerce portals because it provides an exciting and all important feature called "Personalization". A customer can purchase a card based on his liking and gift it for his loved ones after personalizing it by adding photos and messages in it.
  • TheWhiteConnection is a website completely dedicated to the unison of couples in the institution of marriage. It's the one stop shop you absolutely need when you tie the knot. You concentrate on walking down the aisle and engage in one of the most important days in your life while TheWhiteConnection people take care of your marriage needs.