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  • Silverlight Development

    Microsoft Silverlight is a web based technology which is becoming popular with desktop and mobile applications as well. Applications created in Silverlight are compatible with distinct operating systems like windows, Mac and Linux. It is a cross browser and cross platform technology for creating Rich Internet Applications.

  • Codeigniter Development

    CodeIgniter is a powerful open source CMS which provides stunning PHP based applications. Model View Controller (MVC) based system, Supports several platforms, Security XSS filtering, Pagination, Localization, Extremely light weight, Form and Data Validation, Active Record Database support and Session Management.

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  • Zend Framework Development

    Zend Framework is an open source object oriented framework implemented using PHP. Simple to use, light weight and it is compatible with diverse databases. Zend Framework completely focuses on providing the latest, robust, reliable Web 2.0 applications and web services and it consumes modern APIs from trusted vendors.

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  • Symfony/Kohana Development

    Symfony and Kohana framework are the best choices to create top quality applications for the web. They follow Model View Controller (MVC) best practice programming techniques. It can be used for diverse industry verticals because of its advanced development tools, frameworks and libraries. It's highly secure, extremely lightweight and easily extendable.

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Silverlight Development

It is supported by programming languages like VB,
ASP.NET, C#, Ruby and Python.

Infoquestit offers a wide range of website application development from the initial stages like requirements gathering to the development and execution of the services. We have successfully deployed many web applications with our experienced team of website designers and developers. Since we provide custom websites, we bridge the gap that occurs in functionalities which is offered in a packaged solution.

Microsoft Silverlight (development) features:

  • Provides Rich user interface design.
  • Powerful IDE like Visual Studio.
  • Wide range of supported third party codec.
  • Supports Asynchronous calls.
  • Remote debugging of applications.
  • It supports reading data of numerous types from web services to RSS feeds to static XML files.
  • Support for third party languages and much more.

We have a huge pool of Silverlight developers who have created path breaking and innovative applications using this highly advantageous technology. We take the help of the rich framework library with built-in classes to create impeccable business applications. Even high definition videos stream smoothly on an application created using Silverlight. Our programmers can develop Silverlight applications which can work on any platform.

Silverlight Development services that we offer:

  • Web Enterprise Applications with database Integration.
  • RIA Development with Silverlight.
  • Silverlight Application and UI design.
  • Integrate with feature rich Technology like JavaScript, Ajax etc.
  • It gives high user experience by being able to develop audio, video and animation rich websites with it.
  • 2 D and 3 D animations can be done using Silverlight technology.

Our Silverlight Development team can save your time by being proactive in identifying pitfalls with difficulties that might occur in project. has a deep knowledge of the .NET framework and related technologies. We are aware of the latest features and capabilities of Silverlight development technology and we have been creating interactive and feature rich applications with our knowledge in this. With the plug-in that is available in Silverlight, the developers are able to create applications which are normally not found in the traditional web technologies.

Microsoft Silverlight development services:

  • RIA Development using Silverlight.
  • Silverlight Application Maintenance and Enhancement.
  • Silverlight Game Development.
  • Silverlight Software Development.
  • Silverlight Consulting and much more. has always been in the forefront of developing new features and functionalities for our clients. Our design and development team keeps our client's requirements in mind to create plush user interface designs and robust applications which stand the test of time. We subscribe to stringent quality checks to make sure that you get the possible output from us.