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A Chinchilla is a quick, perky little animal. Our clients who are based in China have created this website for the purpose of preserving and promoting the American Angora Chinchillas. These cute animals could be purchased to keep as a pet and the process is through online auctions and the site has also has the provision which contains Chinchilla related items like a cage, their food and toys etc. They also provide free brochures on how to take care of a Chinchilla, what to do when it is ill and all other relevant information for the welfare of Chinchillas.

The site also provides an online database of the Chinchillas with complete details of any of the animals including the gender, its date of birth, its weight etc, to a potential buyer. It also offers the visitors who would want a particular breed of Chinchillas an opportunity to get that by including his specifications on the site.

We have added secure payment gateways thereby making the payment safe and secure. The payment method is either PayPal or using a credit card via MasterCard or Visa. An Online Auction functionality has been enabled and we chipped in with new ideas on the design of the website adding to its appeal.

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online shopping website development has everything that is associated with the American Angora Chinchillas including all products for taking care of it and other vital details.

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The repository also gives information on how you would like to breed and the database also shows the list of auctions which had expired.

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Real time update of the Online Auctions for Chinchillas is available. The page also informs notifications for bidders.

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The shopping cart enables you to purchase Chinchillas and other related products including cages, supplements, toys, first aid kits, etc.

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They also provide information on how to take proper care of it, illness prevention, and cure and for the welfare of Chinchillas.