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Headquartered in Dubai

SmartShopper is an ecommerce company providing discounted rates of products to its user base in the Middle East. It's a system wherein a shopper can collect a coupon from the available places and the customers can get a discount with the vouchers.

It provides its services to grocery store products, clothing outlets, electronic stores, restaurants, entertainment providers, etc. With ShoppingShrine, you can be assured that you are having a great deal for you and for your family!

The website has been designed with a lot of care especially because reports say that any item which sells its product on the Internet has to have a design that is appealing to the user, otherwise the website is said to be unreliable. We concentrated on creating a professional look along with features on how the products were shown to make it look impressive.

We have created an ecommerce portal with an innovative touch given to it in the form of coupons which could be sought not only from the website but also at other outlets of participating stores and the customer can get a discount using the coupons. This creates an excitement like that which happens when somebody plays a game!

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Smart Shopper gives discounts to its customers through the use of coupons to the people in the Middle East.

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They are associated with a lot of highly respected retailers to provide products at a discounted rate to its users.

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Users can save a lot of money by utilizing the coupons available at various stores.

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A user register console available to avail all the offers from Smartshopper and also be updated with new offers via newsletters.

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Be updated with the new offers available by actively checking out their Twitter updates and Facebook post.