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HTML5 Website Design and Development

HTML5 website designs and developments is supported
across all major browsers

HTML5 is the new standard in web development, replacing the old standards of XHTML and HTML4. HTML5 website designs and developments is supported across all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, and is backed by the World Wide Web consortium, making it a standard for many years to come.

The benefits of HTML5 are many, but one of the highlights of the new standard is its advanced multimedia support, which will allow videos and audio to be played at a higher quality, with faster load times without the need for additional browser plug-in such as Flash, RealPlayer, Silverlight, etc. This advanced multimedia support will help to eliminate differences in application behavior and function introduced by browsers and other software, and will work on any platform, regardless of the service providers.

Simply put, the sites that leverage HTML5 website designs and developments simply work on any platform and device, while websites that don't utilize HTML5 (and instead use Flash or Silverlight) won't work properly on all devices, and thus cause businesses that don't upgrade their sites business and visitors! This is becoming more and more of important distinctions as more and more people are using their smart phones and tablets to view the web.

The new features give optimum flexibility to designer, developer over previous versions of HTML and provide the more dynamic and rich web experience for end user to front end user. HTML5 with new properties such as form API controls, video embeddings and speech recognition gives full flexibility to developer, designer to enhance your web site or web application with writing a minimal code and boost performance of your website. HTML and CSS are two recommended languages in web development by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). With new versions of HTML5 and to use the ability of CSS3 in the code enhances the appearance of your design with interactive content.

HTML5 website designs and developments solutions for

  • Corporate Website Development.
  • E-commerce/ online shopping portal businesses.
  • Small scaled organizations.
  • Rich Mobile/Tablet Application Development.
  • Complex web application development and more

At Info we employ the best HTML5 Website Designers to ensure that every need of our client is taken care of. Our team has in-depth knowledge of HTML, HTML5 website designs and developments, XHTML, and CSS. We use latest software to design and develop HTML5 web designs. In case you want to make your website more fascinating, we help you integrate videos, podcasts, social media like Twitter & Facebook, 3d animation and lot more in your HTML5 website. We make it a point to train our designers and developers regarding the latest web development & designing technology so that they come up with the best web solutions for our clients.

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Case Studies

  • Shopping Shrine is a place which promotes the souq based way of trading in the digital world along with giving an opportunity for ordinary vendors to showcase their products making them foray their skill to the online world and improve their standards.
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    Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world presently. The concept behind doodleclick differs from any other ecommerce portals because it provides an exciting and all important feature called "Personalization". A customer can purchase a card based on his liking and gift it for his loved ones after personalizing it by adding photos and messages in it.
  • TheWhiteConnection is a website completely dedicated to the unison of couples in the institution of marriage. It's the one stop shop you absolutely need when you tie the knot. You concentrate on walking down the aisle and engage in one of the most important days in your life while TheWhiteConnection people take care of your marriage needs.