Services We Offer

  • HTML 5.0 Development

    HTML5 is the new web standard for web development. It is used extensively in the web, mobile and in the game development field. It is useful to build websites starting from basic websites to creating Rich Internet Applications like Flash, Java FX, etc. It has exciting features like Offline Support, Canvas and Video, Geo-Location API, Advanced forms, etc.

  • CMS Development

    Infoquest has a huge experience in developing enterprising and community portals. Portals for different verticals have been done by us including Ecommerce, Entertainment portal, B2B portal, B2C portal, Shopping Cart Portal, Enterprise, Job portals, etc. We provide flexible Content Management system (CMS) based website where additional features can be updated almost instantly and also easy to manage from the admin side.

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  • E-Commerce Development

    We offer ecommerce website/ portal development for your business ideas that acts as a link between your products and the consumer world. We can integrate it with many features like Content Management system (CMS), Inventory Management, Multiple languages, Payment Integration with various types of Payment Methods, Easy Navigation for your customers by our development team and many more exciting features.

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  • Open Source Development

    We have been excelling in utilizing the functionalities associated with Open Source technologies using some of the most effective technologies like PHP, OSCommerce, Joomla Customization, Drupal CMS customization, X-Cart, Zen Cart, WordPress, etc. We have qualified engineers working with us who can create a feature rich application for you using the Open Source Development technologies.

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  • Website Designing & Development

    Infoquest offers website designing and development services and creates highly skilled, creative and professional websites for our clients with the maximum optimization of their business. We also offer Custom made web applications and websites, Ecommerce solutions, Shopping Cart solutions, CMS, etc.

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  • Mobile Application Design

    We have an in house team of highly dexterous and thinking developers who create feature rich web applications. We offer iPhone application development, iPad application development, Android application development, Windows mobile application development, Blackberry application development, Symbian application development.

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  • Apple Technology Development

    Some of our favorite playing areas are iPhone, iPad and MAC application development and for our clients around the world based on their requirements for a wide variety of services and industry verticals. Infoquest is adept at all stages of development during the creation of a process. We explore various use cases and identify various possibilities to make customized apps just for you.

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  • Multimedia Design

    We know that one of the best ways to attract your clients is by offering exciting and interactive media solutions. It is important not to distract your visitors by distracting them with flashy designs. We can communicate your message with high professionalism and at the same time with the right presentation techniques using a variety of design tools.

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  • Flash / Flex Development

    We are a leading Flash and Flex Development Company who have created an outstanding reputation in this technology in an assortment of industry verticals by creating custom Rich Internet Applications. It is cross platform compatible, facilitates better database integration, well built programming model, advanced user experience and many more.

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  • Content Writing/ Copywriting

    Infoquest offers high quality copywriting services. We offer a balance between a content that will cater to the needs of the visiting customers as well as to the ranking of the pages in the search engine. Our content writers are highly skilled and they also understand SEO content development best practices.

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  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization is a science that taps into search engine algorithms and also into the mind of a visitor and we are experts in this department through years of experience. SEO is the effective use of keywords, careful analysis of keyword density, Meta tags, etc using popular SEO tools and techniques.

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  • Social Media Marketing

    There are more than 250 million tweets sent per day, there are more than 900 million users of Facebook in the world, 150 million for LinkedIn, forty eight hours of video is uploaded in YouTube every minute. Now, you know that there is a huge need to spread out your business in a Social Media...

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  • Web Application Development

    We use the perfect mix of technologies to develop web applications which are aesthetically appealing and pleasing to the eyes. When it comes to Web Application Development, there is no problem that we cannot solve. We always seek the ideal combination to deliver the services and products efficiently.

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  • Custom Tool Development

    Our priority is simple- giving you the best custom made web designing possible according to your specific needs. We learn how you do your business and understand exactly how you want this particular project to be done. Making the best possible platform for your online home is what we strive for and we can't sleep peacefully without achieving the best possible results.

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  • Software Development

    We provide Software Development to our clients based on their exact requirements. We design and develop custom software applications, websites and databases for a plethora of industries and services. Ours is an in house team of technical experts who have worked in numerous projects and have developed websites to provide the best custom made development outputs.

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  • Web Design

    It's almost a given that your business is judged by somebody the moment he/ she sees the design of your website. A lot of importance should be attached while creating a website because nature of your business should be equally matching the aesthetics of your business values. Do not worry much, we are there for you!

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HTML5 Development

We develop amazing user interfaces for web and mobile
using Html5 development solution

HTML is the key to produce web applications that invokes the total potential of client. This brings out an incredible web experience to the user. HTML5 development achieves standardization in the development process which helps in optimizing the website. HTML5 simplifies the complexity of video delivery; almost everything is possible – right from basic web building to development of Rich Internet Applications like Flash and Java FX.

Our professional have many years of experience in having worked with Html and Html5 based applications and have created stunning web applications. It allows for storage across multiple windows. HTML5 development provides better security and performance. We are committed to develop designs that are unique, interactive and responsive. Our HTML5 development website and applications supports all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera etc. We develop amazing user interfaces for web and mobile using Html5 taking your business to the next level.

What makes HTML5 development special?

  • It is very useful for web applications which rely on heavy scripts to perform functions.
  • You can embed video without having to rely on third-party proprietary plug-ins or codec.
  • It easily renders graphics and images.
  • It has the ability to store web apps like email locally and access it without having to connect to the internet or install an external client like Outlook or Thunderbird.
  • It supports all major mobile platforms like iOS, Google's Android, Windows Mobile Phones, etc.
  • It gives a better user and navigation experience than most other companies.
  • It provides local data storage for offline access, easy to develop rich mobile apps, helps in making applications that respond to touch, provides video support, etc.
  • HTML5 provides amazing features like enhanced context menus, direct-mode graphics canvas, embedded audio and video tags, features for offline web applications, styling, great semantics, the list is endless.

What Infoquest can offer in HTML 5 developments?

  • HTML5 Web Design and Development
  • HTML5 Web Application Development
  • HTML5 iPhone Apps Development
  • HTML5 iPad Apps Development
  • HTML5 Android Apps Development
  • HTML5 Mobile based Website Design

We at Infoquest have been a leader in implementing new web technologies and keeping us ahead of the other web designing companies. The same is the case with the HTML5 development technology. We have been developing numerous constructive apps that are highly innovative and have a user interface design which is unmatched anywhere. These designs are beautiful, unique and connect well with our client's customers making your online business flourish.

We are always on the lookout for making websites using HTML5 which is the best concentrating on making it responsive and highly user friendly and with impeccable designs which are unrivaled anywhere. provides itself on the fact that we have made many stunning websites using HTML 5 development.