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Data Security

Information protection wouldn't be rendered complete without a remedy to back-up your information

Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data. Data is the raw information stored as columns and lines in our directories, network servers and desktops or laptops. This may be a variety expertise from information and internet protocol to market analytics and details intended as to be top secret. Details could be anything of interest that can be read or otherwise considered in human type. There has been a huge emphasis on data security as of late, largely because of the internet. There are a number of options for locking down your data from software solutions to hardware mechanisms. Computer users are certainly more conscious these days, but is your data really secure? Certain basic guidelines that should be followed to protect the sensitive information that you have:


Encryption has become a critical security feature for successful systems and active home users as well. This security procedure uses statistical systems and methods to struggle information into un-readable text. It can only by decode or decrypted by the party that has the associated key.

(FDE) Full-disk encrypted shield offers some of the best protection available. This technology enables you to secure every piece of information on a disk drive or disk drive. Complete disk drive encrypted shield is even more highly effective when elements solutions are used along with software elements. This mixture is often referred to as end-based or end-point full disk drive encrypted shield.

Strong user authentication

Verification is another part of information security that we experience with daily computer utilization. Just think about when you log into your e-mail or weblog account. That individual sign-on process is a type authentication that allows you to log into programs, information files, information files and even an entire computer. Once signed in, you have various given rights until signing out. Some techniques will terminate a period if your device has been lazy for a certain period, demanding that you confirm authentication once again to re-enter.

The individual sign-on program is also applied into powerful individual authentication techniques. However, it needs individuals to sign in using several aspects of authentication. This may consist of a code, a one-time code, a sensible card or even a finger authentication.

Backup solutions

Information protection wouldn't be rendered complete without a remedy to back-up your information. Though it may appear protected while enclosed away in a device, there is always an opportunity that your computer data can be affected. You could instantly be hit with a virus infection where a malware ruins all of your data files. Someone could get into your computer and thieve data by moving through a security loophole in the operating system. If all else doesn't succeed, an efficient back-up remedy will allow you to reinstate your computer data instead of beginning absolutely from the beginning.

Infoquest's data security solutions

Infoquest protects sensitive data from hackers and malicious insiders, provides a fast and cost-effective route to regulatory compliance and establishes a repeatable process for data risk management. Our key capabilities involve protecting web applications from large scale online attacks, securing and auditing access to business-critical databases and files, gives rapid responses on any attacks, reduces data by detecting sensitive data, mitigating vulnerabilities and removing excessive rights. has extensive experience in implementing PGP and GnuPG(OpenPGP) for the encryption requirements. Forced data access is impossible if the above two algorithms are implemented. We will work with you to make sure that at both the application level and data level, your data will be secured.

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