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Headquartered in Dubai is a website where the visitors can browse through the various products available and purchase them after personalization according to their specific needs. One fantastic specialty of this site is the "PERSONALIZATION" which can be done to each of the cards which the customer buys. The site is extremely easy on the easy and is highly user interactive. The personalization can be done in a few minutes making it extremely convenient.

The USP of this site is that a visitor can send a card via courier, to the recipient's Facebook wall or do both simultaneously! The customer also has the option to send a card to a friend's Facebook wall by paying through the SMS facility.

We have created this website with a lot of high-end tools. The site is compatible with all browsers and all platforms. Extensive testing has been done on the site making the site a consistent one with high reliability. We have integrated Google Analytics to our website. It helps our clients to keep track of every order, every sale that happens in the website which helps them to take care of the operations of the website better thereby giving them an option to increase the value of the company and improve their service to the customers.

Our clients are satisfied with the fact that we used to update them every day regarding the progress on the site creating a pleasant atmosphere between us and thereby helping us to achieve the target earlier than expected.

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online personalize greeting card development

It provides Online Personalization of cards and gifts for all occasions to send to your loved ones through courier, Facebook and Flickr.

personalize greeting card development tool

You have an amazing feature here where you can send your friends photo along with the greeting card where you have splendid personalization options.

online personalize greeting card development tool

The designs are peerless and the categories available in Doodleclick's cards are endless. Customers are pampered lavishly thanks to the availability of the cards on any category under the sun.

online personalize greeting card designing tool

The users has ravishing options to customize the photo by editing text and images as well as upload it on their friend's Facebook wall or on Flickr.

flash custom tool development

Doodleclick's users have the option to deliver greeting cards either to their friend's Facebook wall or directly to their doorsteps via courier.