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Case Study -

ProjectTo create an ecommerce website allowing Online purchase of products with different functionalities included.

ObjectiveAn online shopping website for traders to sell their wares online and many more.

ScopeTo develop the site and help in improving our client's vision for Online Shopping. is an ecommerce website developed for The InfoTribe, a team of entrepreneurs from Qatar. It's an ecommerce website which enables consumers to purchase products from the Internet through safe and secure payment gateway. It also offers an opportunity for traders to sell their wares online.

Our client wanted this ecommerce portal as a platform for consumers to buy quality products via the Internet with the comfort of sitting at their homes or any other place of convenience. Our team of technology experts has offered various ideas to our client during the process of the creation of this website which has helped in the look of the website as well as adding to its value.


Our client is satisfied that the user gets the experience of a lifetime and also where the customer would be coming back to shop frequently to the portal based on the user friendliness and the options in the site.

Visitors to this site can view the website in both Arabic and English. They also have the option to see the rate of the products in both Qatar's Riyal and in USD. All the important options that a site visitor needs are placed on top of the website for easy navigation. The registration of a buyer can be completed with ease with some basic details filled in. Purchase of an item hardly takes 1-2 minutes.

Technology Used
XHTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript.
Other Specifications
Products has a variety of products to offer to its customers ranging from electronic products to beauty products for men, women and kids. The site also has top brands like Samsung, Blackberry, and Gymboree et al to name a few.

The traders who use this portal as a seller fix the price of the products as per the traditional Arab way of selling- souq, an open air market place where vendors command the market price for their products.

Shipping, Security & Payment options

We have integrated different payment methods which include COD, Credit Card, Check, Gift Certificate, fax ordering, PayPal Pro and many more. Security features like HTTPS options, PGP, GnuPG and P3P options are present which makes transaction within the site highly secure. And to top it all, we have also integrated the Shopping site with plenty of shipment options.

Conclusion would be a very good competitor for all the other ecommerce websites in the Middle East especially because of the diversity in its products. The unique selling proposition of this website is that it gives an opportunity for vendors of any goods to advertise as well as sell their products. It adds justice to its mission of improving the Middle East conditions by giving others an opportunity to trade here making the Arab vendors reach their craft and expertise to the world.