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Case Study - Aman

ProjectTo create a static website this helps their customers by providing roadside assistance for their vehicles.

ObjectiveA simple website which elucidates the projects done by Aman Asharq.

ScopeDeveloping a website which showcases all the features available with our client.


Aman Asharq is a company which provides road side assistance for cards, auto, electric warranty and other services which will help their customer when they need it the most. They provide different options for their clients for various warranty schemes. The services which are available are Auto Warranty, Electronics Warranty, Vehicle Replacement and Road Side Assistance.

These services are categorized with different plans like Platinum plus, Platinum, Gold, Silver and it also provides a place where you can compare among these categories. Aman Asharq acts as a boon to those who are stranded in a highway with no access to anything. You just need to give them a call and they will be there to provide you their excellent services. This is one of their specialized and unique services.

CodeIgniter Framework
Technology Used
JQuery, HTML, XHTML, CSS. JavaScript,
Other Specifications
Content Management System (CMS)

Keeping in mind the professionalism needed to be embedded with the website; we concentrated more on the usability factor in the eyes of the visitor and made sure that the website is simple and easy to use. All the attributes of the websites are highlighted beautifully without cluttering the website with unnecessary images.

The website has been aesthetically designed by our web designing professionals with our total intention being driven towards enriching the user experience when navigating this website and giving the user a wholesome experience and explain them clearly the wonderful services provided by Aman Asharq.

Services offered

Aman Asharq offers its clients many wonderful services which includes extended warranty on a manufacturer's warranty whereby the product is fixed or replaced at no additional charge. Roadside assistance provided whenever you encounter any difficulties in accessing in any services. Extended warranty is also given if there occurs any major repairs or a breakdown happens. If your car is under repair, Aman Asharq provides you with a replacement vehicle from a rent a car company for the duration of the repairs. These wonderful services are available along with different levels of service like Platinum, Gold, etc.


Our huge amount of experience has taught us that whatever the services be provided or let there be terrific designs made available for the website, the visitor will turn into a customer only when they are able to navigate easily through the website and put sense into what they are seeing and what they would like to have from the website.

The technical team at which is leading Dubai based web design and Development Company has made sure that the designs are brilliant but also made sure that a user would clearly understand where to go from one page in the website to another without much help.


Aman Asharq deals with the type of services that are considered innovative and the concept borders on sharp business acumen. Our task was to develop a website using CodeIgniter framework that would give the visitors a good time when they go around the website reading the wonderful services that are provided at Aman Asharq.

After many brainstorming sessions with our clients and after understanding their exact requirements, we started up on our web development like pros would and have made a wonderful show of our abilities with the simple and effective website that we have created for Aman Asharq. This concept is hitting off well with many satisfied clients and we are happy that we have designed and developed website for a successful business like this.