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Case Study - Unik

ProjectTo create a revolutionary website that offers unique services.

ObjectiveA website which would be a testimony to the classiness associated with its work.

ScopeTo create a website that shows that it offers once-in-a-lifetime kind of services.


Unik Concierge is an online business portal that offers unparalleled services to the elite class. Anything that the client wants is made available to the clients in record time and with excellent service. Unik's unique services includes services for high class events, exclusive VIP packages to Formula 1 Grand Prix events, family lifestyle management and various other services which can be considered unrivaled and experiences which are out of the world.

Unik also offers packages which are customized according to the customers' needs and wishes. Anything that you need is somehow made available to you thanks to the highly qualified and trained people who take care of your every need at the Unik. Concierge's mission is providing the best services the world can offer that too in the least amount of time.

Technology Used
JQuery, HTML, XHTML, CSS2, JavaScript
Other Specifications
Linux Server Operating System, with Liquid Fluid Technology.
Services Provided

Unik has redefined the concept of luxury services with a plethora of services made available which transcends all boundaries of services and anything that anybody could possibly imagine. It's a one of a kind online portal in Dubai. For activities that would make your blood rush to your veins and other mind numbing experiences, Unik is the place to head to.

Unik would probably be providing service facility for something which you think is ahead of the times. Unik is the Show stopper in the event management industry thinking clearly ahead of everybody. They also have smartly attuned themselves for the present age of technology and have made themselves available in the Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry world.

Design & Navigation

When everything that is associated with Unik is top class, even their website's design should be of the highest standards and they have chosen the best team for that-! We have developed excellent websites with eyeball grabbing intelligent designs and designing for Unik was also taken up with the same enthusiasm.

The business portal is designed in such a way that the details of the events are represented in the most innovative way which is absolutely pleasing to the eyes and your senses. Any user who visits the site will have a wonderful time glancing through all the offers made available and is seduced into getting one for him/her and enjoy like the royals would. Easy navigation is made available to the visitors which enables a smooth and easy way for the clients.


Unik Concierge is that kind of a concept which involves a lot of thought and time in it to implement the business part well. The Unik team has done tremendously appreciative work which has given them roaring business.

We have taken a lot of inputs from the Unik team to exactly understand what they want from us in terms of usability, design, navigation and other important parameters. Our technical team was convinced that we could make a killer of a website thanks to the business that they were in and the reputation that they have. We knew that enhancing their brand image was one additional task that we were going to establish thanks to the website that we are going to create. If you are going to assess our team with the work we have done on Unik's website, we know you will come to us knocking and we would be more than glad to help you out.