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ProjectTo create a one stop shop for everything that a marriage ceremony demands.

ObjectiveThe website should have all the products and services that a marriage requires.

ScopeTo create a path breaking website that made the marriage activities simpler and more effective.
"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."- Martin Luther
The is a website completely dedicated to the unison of couples in the institution of marriage. It's the one stop shop you absolutely need when you tie the knot. You concentrate on walking down the aisle and engage in one of the most important days in your life while people take care of your marriage needs.

PHP 5.x
MySQL 5.x
Technology Used
HTML, XHTML, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS.
Other Specifications
Linux Server OS, Apache 2.x Web Server.

One of the most noticeable features of is its design. "Aesthetic" is the word which comes to mind when somebody pores over the website. All the pages of the website are pleasant to watch and have been designed in a simple manner.

The different vendors showcase their products related to wedding ranging from wedding designers, vendors who are specialists in catering, beauty experts, bridal dress boutiques, florists, rentals of any sort needed for a website, vendors who can work well with aplomb on wedding planning, etc.

The products are displayed beautifully with all the concentration done on highlighting the features of the product. Because we know that any day, product is the HERO! New vendors are encouraged to come up with innovative products and they are given an opportunity to showcase their products here.


TheWhiteConnection is one of those concepts which has created a business out of a very simple idea and are thriving now! When our clients came up to us with this idea, we knew it was a sure shot hit but we also know it completely depended on the usability and easy navigation and design of the website so that it is a pleasant experience to the user.

The WhiteConnection has a plethora of products and services lined up for folks getting married. The services range from Catering, Florist, Light and Sound decoration, Photo and Video team, miscellaneous rentals, sweets, professional wedding planners. Also these services can be ordered: Henna, Makeup artists, Salon services, Spa services and Tailoring services. Beauty products are also available at competitive prices for a customer.

Challenges involved

The biggest challenge which we faced in this project was creating the website given the theme of marriage of surrounding it and making it look elegant and glamorous. The best thing about the Infoquest team is that you will have high expectations from us and we will bowl you over by going above and beyond that!

Our clients wanted a functionality where posts which have similarity in its content and category be listed below every post. Our development team assigned a tag to each of the content on the website with a corresponding tag associated with it, so every time an item is selected, other items which have a similar tag associated with the selected item is displayed as Similar Posts below making it easier for a user to find out similar items present in the website.

Conclusion is a blessing to all those who have their wedding plans charted out but don't know where to start from. This is one unique website which caters to the various kinds of requirements during a wedding. We are proud to have been associated in the development of which has such a unique business concept and for a noble need. Our time tested concepts in gathering our clients' business requirements and our experienced technical team have added a whole lot of value to the wonderful concept of this website and created a good and a sturdy website just like our client wanted.