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ProjectTo create a website which has the look and feel of a company this thrives on its innovative architectural concepts.

ObjectiveA stunning html5 website which will showcase the capabilities of our client.

ScopeTo develop the site and display the awe-inspiring work done by Chiselco to the online world.

Chiselco is a real estate and construction development company whose work is concentrated in the MENA region. They have been producing outstanding works since its inception. Chiselco has been in the forefront of producing spectacular construction work with designs and layouts which are certainly out of the world. They follow inspired architectural concepts for the best returns for both end users and the investors.

Creating value proposition for their clients is what drives them to realize their ultimate potential. The business process that Chiselco follows is seamless and foolproof making them creating a nice market for themselves. Being admired and revered is what they strive to achieve and have been doing it with élan.

Technology Used
JQuery, HTML, XHTML, CSS. JavaScript,
Other Specifications
Design of the site has extensively used the services of the HTML5 technology to create the Chiselco website to give it a one-in-a-million look. Optimum use of the HTML5 web development technology has been used to develop the site in the most creative way for the delight of your eyes.

Considerable thought has been given to the designing of the website because of the high expectations that the Chiselco team had on us and also because of Chiselco's name in the industry which was far and wide which had to be vindicated at any cost.


Chiselco is one of those websites which probably can be considered on the same lines as the best ones which have been designed so far. Go through this website for a few minutes and the chances of you being stunned is a given. The navigation of the website is super smooth where everything that of Chiselco is explained crystal clear and in the most elegant way too with the help of a button which has all the links from where you can travel through all other links easily.

Brilliant focus has been given on the designs to make sure that the user sits on the chair wading through all the links.


Chiselco is a firm which has been highly acclaimed for its professionalism and its top class work and is a leader in its industry. We at Infoquest also had the sweet burden of keeping up with their standards in the online world too and we have stood tall in it too! One of the biggest issues we faced is that despite the website being integrated with a lot of images, we made sure that it would not affect the loading time of the website in any way.

The website has been designed giving an aesthetic and an awe-inspiring look to it and at the same time keeping it simple and easy to navigate. has graduated with distinction in this regard. Our clients are extremely happy with the work that we have done on their website. And we are happy that we have one more client whom we have served well.