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ProjectTo create an online portal which has personalization options for cards and gifts.

ObjectiveAdding personalization options for greeting cards and integrating it with Facebook.

ScopeTo create a website this will allow personalize the content for the cards and gifts.

The concept behind doodleclick differs from any other online card and gifting portals because it provides an exciting and all important feature called "Personalization". A customer can purchase a card based on his liking and gift it for his loved ones after personalizing it by adding photos and messages in it. And this unique concept is further given a fillip by giving the customer an option to send a card via Facebook too thereby increasing the potential user base for this concept by almost 850 million people.

Technology Used
JQuery, JSON, HTML, XHTML, CSS. JavaScript, AJAX.
Other Specifications
Flex Technology
Design of the site

We have designed the site in such a way that the probability of a returning customer will be almost 100%. We have concentrated much on the user experience so that the whole process of buying would be made simple and does not consume a lot of time for the customer. The design and look of the site have been given utmost importance especially since we have only 2 seconds to impress a customer and we fare well in that matter because of our technical team's finesse.

Features that make it a STAND OUT!

Our clients had requested for a huge trove of selections for greeting cards. Our focus was to have as many Greeting card collections as possible and make it possible that the huge volume does not eat up on the speed of the system and its satisfying for us as well as for our client to see that there are no shortfalls in this context. The user can register in the site either by using the Facebook login credentials or can register directly on to the site using his personal details.

The admin page of the website has the option wherein new items could be added on demand. The stock available with the company can also be tracked on the admin side. We have added security options for the purchase of any product. Our customer's clients need not worry about their money going into the wrong hands. There is also the option where a customer can pay by SMS facility too when they wish to send a single card to their friend's Facebook wall.

A customer after browsing through the list of products can send it to his/her friend in three ways: Send it via courier, send it to his Facebook wall or send it to his Facebook wall and to his address through courier. A lot of options that!

We have also integrated Google Analytics into the website that helps our client to track the number of visitors to the site.


We understood the requirements of our clients after having many brainstorming sessions of getting their requirements. Our biggest challenge was to create a website that would consist of loads of image but should not be looking cluttered and we are proud that we did a good job on this with our clients beaming! One of the highlights of this project is that a customer can create a flip card and send it directly to their friend's Facebook wall, their Twitter page or to their email. will always grow in its stature and reach because of its integration with Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It's a website to look out for giving its competitors in the same industry a run for their money with its dashing design and innovative concepts behind its products.