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Case Study - Atlantis Dive

ProjectTo create a website with brilliant design showcasing the facilities here.

ObjectiveA place where all the attributes of this wonderful Dive Centre are elucidated clearly for the visitors.

ScopeEstablishing a connection between the visitor and Atlantis Dive Centre with an impeccable website.

Atlantis Dive

The Atlantis Dive Centre was started in The Palm, Dubai, UAE, in 2010. It has been credited a 5 star rating because of the world class services that are offered to both new and experienced users. All the facilities that are provided here are exquisite. The Dive Centre is commendably administered by the management team with all the participants singing paeans about the way it is handled and maintained.

They offer a huge array of courses for the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) exam. Various courses like Certification, Professional, Specialty and Refresher courses are offered with the best options to choose from. The Dive Centre is gifted with a safe and secure environment with water which has perfect visibility. There are even options like underwater photography and a quick drain facility available in the pool during cases of emergency.

CodeIgniter Framework
Technology Used
JQuery, HTML, XHTML, CSS. JavaScript.
Other Specifications
Design of the site

One look at the home page and you know it's a stunner! We at have leveraged the services of our brilliant website designing and development team to bring the best in Atlantis Dive Centre and we have done a brilliant work on it and this website is a testament to our skills. We have incorporated all the images and videos which are perfectly categorized much to the delight of our clients and is a boon to the visitors of the site who will feel buttered up. It can't get more beautiful when the site is made to look such that you are viewing the site underwater.

Our total concentration was riveted towards designing the website with the features highlighted well. The courses are explained clearly and the aligning and the placement of the text are done well graphically.

Navigation of the website

One word to describe on how the navigation of the website would be for a user- Friendly! The user is compelled to look through the website to understand the offerings of The Atlantis Dive Centre and benefit from it. One more aspect on the designing side was to make sure that the images and videos which are presented should not look cluttered and the loading time should not be affected in anyway because of that.

Navigation is simple in which the user is not subjected to any kind of hassle making the overall experience of visiting the website easy and pleasant. The user doesn't find any confusion in going through all the links and can easily link back to all the pages easily.


The Atlantis Dive Centre is one of the best works our design and development team has done. We have used the CodeIgniter framework in developing the website with utmost care along with other high end technologies so that the Dive Centre looks best in the online world.